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Bruce Kirby worked as a geologist before training at Weymouth College of Stonemasonry and becoming a stonecarver. Throughout his life a love of rock-climbing on both mountains and sea cliffs has been an inspiration, both in terms of the fantastic rock architecture encountered and the minute structural detail. The contrast between a single precise chisel mark created in a second and the vast time scale associated with the creation of rocks and the landscape provides him with endless scope, motivation and ideas for his work.

The panels are based upon folded quartz veins frequently seen in exposed rocks, whether on the coast of Devon and Cornwall or further afield in Nepal. Although they are based on a small scale geological feature, they mimic large scale features such as rivers seen in satellite imagery.

The wooden sculptures containing pebbles are inspired by the forces of coastal processes. The sculptures involving aligned slate are inspired by sorting and alignment of particles by either water or ice.

Bruce Kirby provides masonry, carving, sculpture, restoration, lettercutting, and stone work for Acanthus.